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Don't need pins or glue to make lasting furniture *PIC*

Chris Scholz
Just run into this table two days ago. This is in the back of the newly re-built old-town Chenzhou (provincial "small town" in Hunan). The photo is from the area that is still to be demolished. A small family shrine is to be re-built and reamin as a cultural relic.

Climate in Chenzhou is mostly hot and humid but also dry with occasional freezes.

No idea how long this table has been sitting out there and obviously the joints are not as crisps as they used to be. Other than that it's rock solid, probably no glue or pins. As always with Chinese furniture it's hard to say how old they really are. It might be a very good and well aged replica or might we a few hundred years old. Given that this was a very poor part of town, it is unlikely that this is a replica.

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