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Eggbeater drill question(s)

Joe in a Cleveland suburb

My daughter found this drill in an antique shop someplace in VA and sent it to me. It looks rough, but the gears are actually pretty tight and smooth feeling. I'm sure it'll be better once cleaned up a bit.

I have a few of these but not of this type. My guess is it's a #77. Can anybody confirm if I am right or wrong?

Also, you can see somebody tried to fix the arm. Mine don't have this exact arm, nor do I have spare parts from rehabbing.

I'm wondering if anybody here who has rehabbed some of these drills might have a spare crank arm they's like to sell. Someday I'll turn a new knob for it; the knob opposite the crank.

If not, I'm sure I could find a beater for parts on eBay. Thought I'd check here first.

Thank you.

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