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Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I have a little problem with my shooting board. I get tear-out on the back of the piece I am shooting. Why is that?

I made it several years ago with some scrap Cherry 3/4" plywood. The top piece of ply has a piece of Ash glued to it for the plane to run along. The backer piece is a scrap piece of Walnut.

Everything is square (the Walnut piece is adjustable). When I shoot a piece and check it with a square, it's square, but there's (almost always) a little tear-out on the back.

Could the Ash piece be worn or something? I don't have a lot of experience with this.

I wonder if it's the Ash because of the small area that doesn't get planed. It leaves a really small gap between the plane and the Walnut backer piece. Not sure that makes sense...

In the picture below, you can see the small gap between the Walnut and the plane. The piece of Maple being shot is tight against the plane.

Thanks for any advice.

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