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Traditional M&T Joint Chinese Style *PIC*

Chris Scholz
Last week I posted a link to my favorite woodworker, 辛师傅 to Youku. Looks like the link does not work too well, I think it is because this was going to google translate.
Ok, so maybe I'll process this a bit and make it more accessible for us in the West.

First, hand-cut M&T Chinese Style. 辛老師 (as a Professor, we need to call him 老師, i.e. laoshi, the title 师傅, shifu, is more for skilled craftsmen) is doing this a bit different than what Prof. Ecke shows in his book "Chinese Domestic Furniture", joint #10a, #16, and to some extend #25 and #32.

My on sketchup rendering.

Wonder if the two miters are cosmetic or to support the M&T. My limited knowledge in mechanical engineering in general and statics in specific makes me think that the miters help prevent racking. Thinking of it a bit more, this is an ingenious extension of our own M&T joint (or maybe our M&Ts are a crude simplification of the Chinese M&T joint, or maybe Western M&T joints and Chinese M&T joints were developed completely independent from each other).

In any case, here's a link to the original video on Youku (without the google translate part), should work this time...

(Hmm, have not figured out why the link starts t 7:31 min into the video, just scroll to the beginning if you are interested in this)


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