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OT flooring finish type recommendations?

John Aniano in central NJ
Hello all,

In a bit of a quandary - I'm going to be refinishing the wide pine flooring in our ca. 1765 living room. The last room in the house! We will be stripping the finish as we always have, using CitraStrip-type remover. Has always worked well for us. A light sanding with a random orbital sander is what I usually do next. These floors were once sanded in the 1960's. The problem is the finish. Over the years of doing our home's floors, The VOC levels for Minwax polyurethane for floors has constantly dropped and I find that the first coat of finish no longer penetrates the wood coat - it just sits there on top. Years ago, the final finish looked better and the color more even. Now with VOC's so low, the finish looks like, well polyurethane.

What are other options? I've used Southerland-Wells tung oil finish, but it takes many coats to build up a wear resistant layer. Poly takes maybe 3 coats and I'm done. How about spar varnish or other more traditional products. Or will they all have super low VOC's? This is a living room floor that will have a large area rug in the center of the floor. Do the commercially available products have higher VOC's?

Thanks in advance,


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OT flooring finish type recommendations?
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