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Re: Veritas Custom Planes - more than a review

I did read through your articles. Tough job to take on.

I exit the whirlwind of choices wondering if the marketing is correct. If you don't know you need a custom plane, or what you need, I wouldn't say you don't need one, but it is within the realm of possibility. It does seem that they have developed some interesting features along the way, and I found myself thinking it looked better than either of my bevel down, LV planes.

I don't doubt they did get the marketing right, like on the 50 degree thing, too close to 45, makes them look grasping had they made it standard. But maybe most people would still be better off to follow a species chart, or get a standard configuration, and let the customization be a mater of need. They should sell a ton of these planes just because they are better, and it would be a pity if they didn't because people found them confusing.

If they are sold out already... Never mind.

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