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"I noticed on a video on FWW that in the Hay shop, they mentioned that it would take hundreds of hours to do the dimensioning of 120 board feet of wood in one of the large pieces. I was a bit confused by this, but they show workmen in the background working very slowly to get to finished dimension on what is probably mahogany."

Depends what is meant by dimensioning, but given that they could in the old days order the wood cut to common dimensions for case work, as I understand it, yeah that sounds really slow. Basically they are saying it takes them as long as it takes a compentent guy to build 6 guitars to level the easiest wood you use in a guitar. It takes them over 1 hour per 2 square feet (both sides) of mahogany. That is pretty crazy.

Expressed as half a week to dimension the parts of a table top, maybe less crazy, but still not a several day job.

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