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Re: I agree..

david weaver
..it gets lost in the shuffle, but I've said before a couple of times (in a video somewhere, and on several forums) that if someone is just putting a finish surface on a machine dimensioned board or panel, then my advice is probably no good unless they want to do all of their smoothing on the cheap.

The rest of the speed advantages are for people like me trying to do most of the rough work with hand tools.

I noticed on a video on FWW that in the Hay shop, they mentioned that it would take hundreds of hours to do the dimensioning of 120 board feet of wood in one of the large pieces. I was a bit confused by this, but they show workmen in the background working very slowly to get to finished dimension on what is probably mahogany. certainly machine planing would be faster for all of it, at least close to finish size, but it's my opinion that a lot of their time consumption has to do with being subsidized by the museum, and that if time mattered, they would be dimensioning much much faster, leaving only the final finish work to be done so deliberately.

But for the smoother only type of person, anything is fine.

Well, and craig's "i do whatever pleases me" point is fine, too. I think that's what we all do.

My drive for efficiency in dimensioning is to get that same flow, same physical satisfaction that you get when you learn to move and stack hay manually and efficiently, and can work at a good rate without completely wearing yourself out like a newbie in a barn would do. There's a physical and tactile satisfaction there.

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