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Since you seem to be replying to my reply, I feel compelled to [politely] ask what the hell you want to hear. I believe I answered your question regarding the importance of the position of the cap iron on a 50° cutting angle by showing it doesn't matter at all by removing the cap iron. You asked for experience, I gave it. I even provided videos so you could evaluate if my experience was of value to you. And I get a load of crap about how you build zillions pieces while all I do is flatten boards with expensive planes. You know, I could crank out your work quite a bit faster [than you do] by using CNC machines, line and berries included. Why the hell are you giving me ch!t about using hand tools in the Hand Tools forum? Why do you post "in process" articles when you obviously don't give a rats hinny about my "in process" articles? Just because I don't post to the Gallery doesn't mean I haven't built stuff, you need to get out more, there is a whole world outside your head.

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