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Interesting thought. One way to look at it is the 50 is doing part of the work already, so you can open up the cap iron range and it works because the cap iron is sorta tailing ths having, not required to do all the work.

Another way of looking at it is with the more upright blade the cap iron gets a better trap on the shaving, and presses it down better, so to get the same result as with say a 45, you have more leeway.

I sorta like the second answer better, though it could be both or other answers. But if you think of a conceptual plane with a zero degree bedding angle, it would not press the shaving into the cut at all, all the force would be parallel to the cut, short of maybe some buckling down force. In that case the cap iron does not hold the shaving down till it is cut. So the angle of the plane would affect cap iron performance, which just ads another band of functions in which it is not of any particular aid.

Bill did you find it easier to plane at 50 degrees with the breaker, meaning did you find resistance any different, or just the fitting less fiddly.

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