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Some infill progress *PIC*

I've been busy in tool room at the office after work this week and have a bit of progress to report on my infill project. I've lapped the bottom of the plane flat but for a few pinholes. I may leave them or do some additional lapping. I may be more eager to get after the additional lapping once the muscle stiffness fades.

I've milled the sides perpendicular to the sole and parallel to one another. Who knows whether the nominal mouth cast into the body of the plane is perpendicular to the sides, but I'm not too worried as there is plenty of meat to the casting and a bit of variation is no worry. I've ordered a 4" end mill to help me machine the bed of the plane to a uniform angle. Someone had mentioned a dovetail cutter for this, but I wasn't able to find one that was long enough that wasn't also quite expensive.

I used the disk sander in my own shop to smooth out the front and back of the plane. These surfaces were ground down by eye on the disc sander.

I started to grind the top edges of the plane down, but stopped when I realized that it would be helpful to have that top edge truly parallel to the sole when it comes time to mark out the mouth. Laying out the geometry of the mouth and placement of the pins for the lever cap will take a bit of thought. Anyone got any rules of thumb on locating the axis of rotation for the lever cap? Also, any thoughts on smoothing the interior of the casting in the mouth region?

Finally, I need to think about what to stuff this thing with. A long time ago I bought a chunk of lignum vitae that was intended for a turning blank or for an impulse buyer (me). It is the end cut from a 10" square beam from the look of it and is about 4" deep (measured along the grain). I may try to figure out how to get this wood to work for me.


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