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Stephen Shepherd - Update

Bob Entwisle in NJ
This was posted on Stephens FaceBook page about 4 hours ago

"Kelly Shane Bingham‎ - Stephen Arden Shepherd
4 hrs · Salt Lake City, UT ·

Stephen is doing great. We were talking about how I am becoming the full chisel expert or under study and Stephen was quick to say I am a massive understudy. I guess that means I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. Stephen is in room 3321 at St Joseph's Villas in Salt Lake at 451 E Bishop Federal Lane. The zip code is 84115 in case anyone would like to send him well wishes or come see him. He has therapy three hours a day including physical, occupational and speech therapy.
— with Stephen Arden Shepherd."

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Stephen Shepherd - Update
Great news, Bob. Thanks! *NM*
Re: Great news, Bob. Thanks!
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