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144 base lines scribed, 352 pencil lines drawn,.. *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
352 saw kerfs, and 248 waste pieces chiseled out left me with the 176 dovetails in the 36 drawer sides for these Spice Box jewelry boxes. Then it is do it all over for the drawer fronts and backs. I remember now why I declared that I would never build another spice box some years ago after doing 3 of them. There is just about as much work in a tiny drawer as a large one and its getting repetitious.

Note there is a saw kerf in the tiny pin waste between the tails. This pesky piece was hard to remove after it was freed by chiseling the base line. This kerf left it in two pieces that could be easily pressed out, and as a bonus this kerf provided some clearance that made chip removal easier when chiseling.

I found that Rogers dovetail marking jig is just dandy for holding the pieces for sawing.

After a delay for Christmas projects I am back onto the Spice Boxes and can't wait to get to the more interesting work of the doors with line and berry inlay. I hope to use some of the holly from the tree I sawed a last week. I have some of the smaller trimmings that are drying nicely.

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144 base lines scribed, 352 pencil lines drawn,.. *PIC*
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