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SJBTCO Infill Project

So I'm nearing the end of a lateral file cabinet project and am contemplating my next endeavor. Given the problem$ I've been having keeping the garage warm, I'd like to contemplate some time spent in my company's tool room.

I've got the rough casting kit for the coffin sided smoother. There is to be no adjuster.

I've got a small set of end mills and access to a lathe and a Bridgeport mill. I've also got a bad record of screwing up small chariot plane castings. what I plan to do is to chuck the casting up in the lathe and skim the bottom more or less flat, use this as a reference surface to true up the sides and then iterate this one or two more times, each time taking small amounts, to get to a flat and square plane body. The curved surfaces will be addressed using a disc sander.

This may or may not be the best approach, but I think I'll end up with a flat and square body. At worst I may end up with the actual surfaces rotated a bit (around the longitudinal axis of the body) from where the nominal bottom and sides should be. However if I'm careful, I should still have enough meat left at the mouth to get a good fit. This brings me to the real quandary. Having not worked with a casting like this before, I'm curious as to how one opens a mount in a smoothing plane casting so as to form a solid and true bed? The wood part I'm not sweating (other than my allergies to cocobolo and the like).

Got any insight or references I might need?


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