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Resuming the Spice box jewerly boxes *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I took some time off from making stuff and among the put off tasks that were confronted I improved my dovetailing arrangement.

Lighting- I don't have windows. If you have windows you may not appreciate how much better one can see in a windowed shop. My bench is well lit but for dovetailing one needs light both on the top of the piece as well as the front. My well lit bench served poorly for this task, being very bright on the top, dark on the front, with a light colored background (the bench top). The light colored foreground closes up one's pupils making the front of the vertical board dark. At the advice of my brother in law, the lighting engineer, I darkened the foreground with the navy towel.

PIC 1 shows the tools I will use for these tiny drawers and the well lit front and top of the wood.


I get the lighting on the front by placing a sheet of white Styrofoam insulation board behind the vice, as shown in the picture. The result is dramatic. The reflected back light and the dark foreground which opens one's pupils results in sharply defined lines from the pilot gel pen.


During the "time off" I made a better dovetail marking jig inspired by Mr. Lance, as was previously discussed here on WC. I like how it worked for some practice joints.

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