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A "simple" Christmas project *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Daughters seem to show up bearing needs, in this case a light box to be employed in some aspect of stained glass work. A light box could be nailed together from a length of #2 pine from Home Depot. But, one thing leads to another.

I am not very good at making dovetails. To maintain what proficiency I have requires forcing myself to use this joint even in cases where it vastly exceeds the requirement.

In the hunt through the wood pile I found a perfect sized piece of ash sawed by the now dead sawer I used to hang around with. In the early 1970's he sawed a truck load of 8/4 and 6/4 ash for a chair factory that went bust before they took delivery. I was persuaded to buy the load and resawed some of the 6/4 at Harris Flooring in Johnson City. It was the last board of this ash that I discovered. Nostalgia led me to build a needlessly refined box from this piece of ash, a wood that does not lend itself to traditional techniques. The need to practice led me to assemble the box with an abundance of dovetails. But she was pleased with the result and I got some practice and some memories rekindled.

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A "simple" Christmas project *PIC*
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