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Bill, the ring pulls have a staple with two prongs that are meant to be folded back and nailed into the back of the drawer front. With a small drawer, the top prong is too long to fold down, it will extend past the top of the drawer. You can just cut the top prong short so it won't extend past the back of the drawer front, I use 6" end nippers. A small drawer doesn't need the extra strength of the 2nd prong.

The rings are usually pretty ugly when you get them, often a bit rusty and not really finished. To get a nice black finish on them, I set up a small torch and heat them up for a few seconds and dip into Johnson's paste wax and just repeat the cycle of heating and waxing. The wax burns off each time, and after a few times the pulls have a nice black finish that's pretty durable. You do have to be careful though, if you're doing a lot of rings, after a while the can of wax can melt and even start burning. DAMHIKT.

Hopefully this is all pretty clear, let me know if you have questions.


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