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Japanese sawyers

Just some ramdom thoughts. I always wanted one of those whale shaped saws the Japanese Sawyers use. Before Ebay. decades went by before I found what I wanted. I find it hard to figure how they balance those trunks at an angle to make their cuts. It isn't easy to do with one person, or at all. Several attempts have not worked out so well. Then after this summer I was wondering whether what inspired them was trees knocked over in wind storms. We got a lot of those over the summer due to the wind storm that hit us. I didn't think of it till now, but I guess I will take a saw down with me when I go this summer. Many of the trees are at a perfect angle.

Has anyone come across a good youtube video of a Japanese sawyer at work. Possibly even a vintage video. I don't expect to be able to get very far, but have saw, will tackle.

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