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Mujingfang plough plane ()

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi Joe,

Have no experience with the plane. I suggest a couple of things before buying.

Their bench plane blades come in HSS, as I understand it. Woodcraft's ad for the plough says 'high carbon steel'. You might want to check with the vendor or other owners whether 'high carbon steel' means HSS or something more akin to O1, a clean steel in other words--if it matters to you.

I see that the fence is on the right side of the blade, with the plane cutting away from you. That is opposite to the convention for western ploughs. So, if you're doing drawer bottoms, if you want the groove to be on the near side of the board you're planing, you would either have to be pushing from left to right, with the left hand being dominant, or else pull the plane. Only you know if you care about this :) . If it were me using this plane, I would pull it.

2 cents.


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