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what is a slick used for? ()

Dave (Arlington, VA)
Hi Bill -

As Bob and Tom said, and as I understand it, there are two main applications for Slicks: (1) Timber framing, and (2) Wooden boat building.

In my case my boys attend a wilderness boy's camp in New York where all of the building are log construction. Every year or so they build a new cabin and I've thought that sounded like fun...and a nice opportunity to learn. So when I saw this Slick blade...for a reasonable price, I picked it up thinking I could use it there.

I would say that - and maybe I am naïve - I am thinking I can use it in and around the shop too. I have a couple of projects that I am making out of what might otherwise by firewood...stuff that fallen on our property and was subsequently chain-sawed up. I am thinking this Slick may be just the thing to help me rough shape some of these former logs to a point where I can dress them with a plane. Other tools may work for this like a hewing hatchet but I'm thinking (hoping) this Slick will work on things like that too.

Thank you for posting.


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