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Bob Hackett

Bill, as you know I have some issues with my hands, especially my grip. what using a slick does for me is, the longer handle lets me power the chisel from my shoulder rather than relying on grip alone. Using my entire body,or just my upper body for short cuts allows me far more power as well as control. That added control has allowed me to use these oversized blades with far more confidence than I had with their smaller cousins even when my hands functioned normally. I use my slicks everywhere I can fit them in. They were originally meant to work in those tight places on board ships where planes couldn`t fit so I suppose it`s just an extension of their history and lore. I find they are one of those tools that the more you use one the more uses you find for it. The power and control will draw in those folks who took up WWing because they enjoy "dancing with the wood".
I like the larger tools so much I sought out a comparable size gouge, sharpened it in-cannel, fitted it with the same type of handle I have on my slicks and used it for rough out work. I say "used" because my brother saw me working with it and talked me into letting him have it. He lives in Utah and has no chance of finding one out there. I`m still looking for my own replacement and may just reforge one of my less than stellar performing slicks to take it`s place.
My hand issues also have me considering making my own version of an Asian leaf or spear plane for finish work.As one of my WWing friends once told me after he saw me using one of my slicks; " When you`ve lost your grip I guess you can always look forward using your leverage". :)

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