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Re: Things are about to become complicated

Dave (Arlington, VA)
Hi Bob -

Really interesting.

Let me start my response by making a few observations and maybe something will resonate with you. First, if I understand what you mean by "side sharpen" (and I may not) then I find that at 3 1/2 inches my Slick won't fit into my Eclipse (side) sharpening jig. [If that doesn't sound like what you meant by "side sharpen" would you mind explaining it a bit?] If it is what you meant then you'll understand that's why I had to come up with another way to tackle the problem.

Second, and interestingly (because I was interested in a camber on the blade too) my solution was to affix the Slick to the end of a 5-ish foot 2x4 (I shaped one end to fit into the handle of the Slick) and then marked a spot on my shop floor (and placed a "stop" there) that would give me a 25 degree angle on my grinder so I could pivot the blade back and forth much as one might do with a Wolverine sharpening set up. It looks like I'm getting a camber pretty close to what you describe...maybe not quite as pronounced as you suggested.

Some day I may move to your "v block" idea. That kind of sounds like the Wolverine sharpening system, right? It sounds like it to me. For now my "2x4 solution" seemed like a quick and dirty way to experiment with this as an approach to sharpening a bevel. Admittedly it does cramp my style in my workshop...which is only 11x11.

It sounds like your "hardwood scrap" strategy is pretty close to Jack's ruler trick suggestion. Does it sound like it to you? If so, that's two votes for that approach and good cause for me to re-consider.

I'm sure not looking forward to flatten the back of this sucker :(

Thank you so much for your post.

Regards -


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