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Re: Advice on sharpening a Slick

Dave (Arlington, VA)
Hi Patrick -

I think what MAY be missing in my communication on this is how heavy this Slick is (even without the handle). I find that with most chisels (even the biggest in my kit) you can apply enough downward pressure to keep it flat on your sharpening surface. However, since this Slick is quite massive (at least as compared to any chisel I have....or have seen) and since to obtain the correct angle to flatten what I need to flatten on it's back, I need to suspend the back in the air some (unless I use Patrick's idea and employ the ruler trick) and keeping it suspended at that same height creates consistency issues...at least for me. It would be a little like trying to flatten the first 1/4 - 1/2 inch of the sole of your Number 4 Smoother.

Does that clarify? I appreciate the question and the post. Thank you.

Regards -


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