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Dave (Arlington, VA)
Hi Jack -

Thank you. Very interesting. Something akin to the ruler trick had crossed my mind, but I had resisted it. Why? A couple of reasons. First, when flattening backs I prefer to use a back and forth motion rather than a side to side motion. I worry about rocking the blade. I also find it less tiring. I may just have to get over it and pay enough attention to ensure I don't rock the blade...and eat my Wheaties.

Second, is the issue of repeatability. This slick's back is badly enough pitted that I'm going to spend hours flattening even a fairly small part of it. So - at least to my mind - stones are out of the question. I'm pretty sure I'd go through too many and spend as much time flattening the stones as flatten the slick. So, I'm expecting I'll use sandpaper on glass. This means that - for repeatability purposes - I'll need to keep track of how "tall" whatever I use as a ruler" is and where I let it rest on the back of the slick so I can do the same thing if/when and keep the correct angle for when I need to polish the back in the future. That seems like keep track of a lot of things in my messy shop. Again, I may just have to get over it and get organized.

It may be that I'm wanting to have my cake and eat it too. But it seemed to me that with Slicks having this modestly curved back by design that folks had addressed and solved this problem before...probably with more than one way to do it. Yours is a good idea and it may be the one I end up going with. One of the things I love about posting here is that often folks come up with either ingenious solutions or ingeniously simple solutions that create that kind of "Aha" moment that I enjoy so much.

I really appreciate your posting.

Regards -


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