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W. Butcher plough irons marked (W[crown]R

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi All,

Anyone here collect old W. Butcher irons? I have several plough irons with the fairly unusual mark W[crown]R, which I gather from reading, refers (William Rex) to the British monarch William IV, who reigned from 1830-37.

I have a group of eight irons, in mixed sizes,


3/16 + 1/32

1/4 + 1/64

3/8 - 1/64

3/8 + 1/64

7/16 +1/64 (two of these!)


In short, I am missing the #1 (1/8), the #4 (5/16), and the #8 (5/8), and have the rest represented, including two each of #3, #5, and #6, more or less. I should add that none of these irons have any 'number' markings 1-8. Just W. Butcher, Sheffield, and the W-crown-R mark. I believe these are old irons, since W. Butcher also began issuing 'V-crown-R' marked irons (for Queen Victoria, 'Victoria Regina'), whose reign immediately followed William IV's. So these appear to be limited to a short time span in the 1830's--if anyone knows different, please correct me.

Would like to see these get to someone who wants them or could use them, and I care nothing about terms or payment.

Please let me know of any interest, online or offline.


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