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Re: Early note on Atoma 400

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.

Excellent detailed account! Your remarks about the feel of a stone resonate with me. It's what I like about water/ceramic stones. Also, I like to see the black streaks on every stroke, as proof that steel is coming off. I used to use a lot more water, than now--now I just use a spray bottle. And to flatten/deswarf/condition them, I have used sandpaper on glass, concrete block, rubbing them together, etc. The Atoma 400 beats them all for convenience and speed.

I hear you about the oilstones being so easy to manage--that's a big plus.

I have a natural finish stone that Kayoko bought in Japan after consulting with Yataiki about it--so I know how you feel about that natural stone. I don't like to use anything on it except wide plane and chisel blades. Plough irons and narrow chisels go to manmade only. Or loose diamond on iron.

Thanks for the great account of your experiences!


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