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Those dovetails from a month ago...

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
A month ago I posted about being confused about the layout of dovetails for a saw till I built.

My woodworking time is so infrequent. I do it in my spare time. I cut dovetails maybe a couple times a year. Because this little saw till is just for my shop, just to hold hand saws, I didn't want to waste a ton of time on it. It's not a piece of furniture. I even used garbage pine boards from Lowe's.

So I kinda did what Bill Tindall described in the post above and drew the tails on a piece of paper. Just eyeballed it. Made it look what I thought was ok. Then just transferred that to the board. Started cutting. Then I did the blue tape trick on the pin board and marked them out using the tail board (hope I don't have that bassackwards). Cut'em out. Test fitted. Went together nicely the first time. I never did the blue tape thing. Worked well.

I used only hand tools in this little project except for the beads on the back boards. I need a beading plane (or two) and didn't feel like making a scratch stock to do it, so I cheated there.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple pictures. I know to you hard-core guys this may be garbage, but at least now my few hand saws aren't sitting on my work bench in the way...

Thanks for the help.

The boards. Weird stuff. It chunked apart sometimes. Hard to describe.

Planing saw marks off the sides

Stopped Dado for the shelf

Clean it up

No fuss Layout - it is what it is... Cut both sides at once

Blue tape

Test fit. Isn't perfect. Good enough though.

Rabbets for the back boards

Back in place. Nailed on.

Close to being done

It's going to work

Dovetails after planing/cleaning up. Can't complain. They're ok.

So, there it is. Kinda ugly. Yeah, I painted it. Blue Milk paint. I hate to paint and finish... some day I will make a couple drawers.

Thanks for looking.

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