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Re: Early note on Atoma 400

david weaver
It'll slow down some, but it won't give up any parts like a DMT does. Mine are fairly smooth, but the atomas do feel like a million zippers to hone on because they are arranged in such an orderly way. I don't love that on things that are delicate, but they are nice for doing something like preparing the back of a japanese chisel. It's quick work and they're very flat.

I haven't used the 1200, but it is very highly regarded on the razor board for not having that million zippers feeling, and a lot of those guys still like to lap their stones to get a slurry but they don't want large lines or grooves in the stones.

The 400s are all I've got (and three DMTs, and four different milled steel 8x3 chinese diamond hones)

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