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One down . . . *PIC*

A while back I posted about some chisel handles I intended to replace. So naturally I waited a long time to finally get around to starting the actual project. Nothing like working with cold tools. Here is the first handle:

I picked up leather scraps from Tandy and will glue those down with hide glue momentarily.

I had some success in getting the handle to fit by using the age old and freaking tedious process of spotting the handle using the pre-existing filth inside the socket and then scraping the filth off. Many, many times. I got a very good fit, if I do say so myself. I ended the process when I couldn't easily remove the handle from the socket, which was a logical if unplanned stopping point. It would have been easier to glue on the leather washers if the handle wasn't in the chisel. I might also have been able to chuck the handle for a bit of truing on the lathe, but a sander will likely be used to smooth a roughly shaped leather surface.

This is the first one and it took about 3 hours with stock prep (note to self, leave more wood on ends of blank to steer clear of the live and dead centers), turning and scraping. Since I have 8-9 more to go I hope this time comes down considerably. ;)



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