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Early note on Atoma 400 ()

Hank Knight

I ordered a large translucent Arkansas stone from Hall's Pro Edge a couple of years ago. It's a very nice stone, but when it arrived, it was far from flat. I sent it back to be flattened and it came back better, but still not flat. So, I bit the bullet and ordered a big DMT Dia Flat lapping plate and went to work on the stone. It was slow going, and I still haven't gotten it completely flat. It was crowned and I've worked it down to the point that I can use about 90% of the stone, all but a small rim around the edge. Occasionally, I put the stone back on the lapping plate and have another go at it in my continuing effort to flatten all of it. It seems to cut a little better for a while after a lapping session, but only marginally. I have gone many months between lappings and the stone continues to cut beautifully. I don't think lapping will be necessary to maintain the stone once I finally get the entire surface flat, if I ever do. It is my main finish stone before stropping with a compound-charged leather strop. I don't have any relevant experience with other Arkansas stones. The translucent is the only one in my current sharpening kit.


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