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Wm. Ash & Co. Cast Steel Irons

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi All,

I have a historical inquiry....Some time ago, I came across a set of plough irons, 1-8, marked Wm. Ash & Co., and immediately below the name, 'Cast Steel'. The mark is deeply incised, so that the actual letters are embossed.

A post by Don McConnell on OldTools indicates that Wm. Ash & Co. was a Sheffield maker, and that the mark had a long history, starting with the original Wm. Ash in the 1820's, but continuing with successors in interest until 1965.

I'm trying to get an approx. date range on the irons, and the Wm. Ash mark doesn't help a lot. Does anyone know an approx. time span when the 'Cast Steel' designation was in use in Sheffield? [Dunno if this is a useful indicator, but the No. 1 iron is a true 1/8", as opposed to the approx. 3/32" you often see.]

Incidentally, I'll be having these irons up on a Benefit Auction in the next month. They fit Mathieson ploughs like a glove.


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Wm. Ash & Co. Cast Steel Irons
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Thank you, Warren
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