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William Duffield
In your second idea, your "breadboard ends" no longer serve their primary function, which is to minimize warping of the panel. Also, in attaching them to the case sides, you have the problem of cross-grain wood movement. With breadboard ends, there are well established, traditional methods of addressing that problem.

There are special mirror adhesives, that will attach it to plywood without peeling off the silvering. You'll need to ask someone else for brand recommendations.

I think I would make a plywood panel (either with breadboard ends or frame and panel) and veneer it. Frame and panel also solves the problem of matching the front edge of the top to the veneer.

Have you considered quadrant hinges, which are designed for jewelry box tops?


They also make a smaller pair, but I wouldn't consider those, due to the weight of the mirror, not to mention the density of the jarrah.

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