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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I suggest a stuck mold for the top, following the general outline of the blue tape in your first post of this thread. Reasons: It's at eye level; as I understand it, the rest of the piece is free of ornament (excepting the grain/figure of the wood); would add snap to the piece. You could use mitered breadboards to avoid having to mold end grain on the sides.

Hi Wiley

The design has been evolving a little. I've dropped the height to 48 1/2" (It began at 51", so a total of 3" lower). This was for two reasons. Firstly, Lynndy is 5'4" and the new height makes it easier to look into the top drawer. Secondly, she gave me hell for not making the top drawer slimmer (than the 4 1/2" it was) - it is intended for jewellery, and her idea was to make this thin. I tried several configurations, but they looked odd unless there was a progression of drawer heights. Eventually I came up with one she accepted. I also had to explain to her that the insides of the drawer was not as high as it appeared on the outside (overlapping drawer fronts and drawer bottoms taking up some of the apparent height) :)

The 8 drawers start at 3 3/4" (external height) and increase in 1/2" increments to 7 1/4" for the bottom drawer.

To accommodate the lower height I changed the front thickness of the side rails from 35mm to 30mm (The side faces will be 45mm wide). Overall the proportions look the same as before ...

The important part - in view of your comment - is that the top is now below eye level.

How does this alter your thoughts?

Regards from Perth


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