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Re: suggest frame and panel top

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I think the best way to incorporate a pop-up mirror in the top is to use frame and panel construction.
The mirror could then be considered the lid on a till inserted into the frame.

A solid top with an inserted mirror (= a hole in the top) is only asking for grief.

There is no reason that the frame couldn't use different widths for the rails and styles and mitred corners -- which would give you a clean look from any angle.

I'll try and do a sketch later

Thanks Ian, I look forward to your sketch.

My thoughts have been to rout away the depth to fit the mirror on the inside of the lid (lift the lid and the mirror is facing forward). The recess would also include a recessed frame to hold the mirror itself.

Since the lid is expected to be 1" thick, there should be plenty of depth to fit the mirror and frame.

With regard the breadboard ends, what I visualised was these in line with the inside top of the carcass (to continue the line).

Ellis remarked that breadboards are intended to float. However that is also my conception of a panel within a frame. Would a solid top with breadboard ends not be more solid and rigid that a frame-and-panel?

I welcome all idea and discuss - don't mind my apparent defensiveness. I am not, just thinking out aloud about the pros and cons.

Regards from Perth


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