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Re: Cap iron question-need data

mark Hennebury
The Kato video is a great tool, and provides us all a chance to really observe what takes place. This study and video provides us all with lots of information and gives valuable insight into cutting on the scale where all the action is taking place, it is however not a comprehensive study in terms of handplane function. As you can see from the video there is no handplane involved, just the blade and chipbreaker. For handplanes with a wide throat opening or without an accurate and easily adjustable throat opening the chip breaker is of critical importance, not so much for planes with an accurate an easily adjusted throat opening, as a tight opening also prevents tear-out. So with handplanes you have a several ways to avoid tearout when planing against the grain; Blade bed angle, Chipbreaker adjustment, Throat opening, and you can employ one or more in combination to achieve the goal. The supersurfacers use all together and have precise adjustments for all.
You can learn a lot from whats in the Video and just as much from whats not in the video.
If you want to see the videos I have put them on my website. If you go to the one on the supersurfacer page and scroll down to the bottom of the page the Prof Kato study with pics and English translation is posted.


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