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Re: Cap iron question-need data *PIC*

mark Hennebury
I should clarify the chipbreaker geometry a little: chipbreakers on Supersurfacers and in the Kato experiment have a small or micro bevel at the tip ground at various angles up to 80 degrees to the flat surface, so in effect a rather blunt tip. This tip is very small, just big enough to interrupt the flow of the shaving up the blade and slow it down long enough for the blade to sever the fibers. Kato experimented with several angles, offsets from the blade edge and shaving thicknesses. What the effect is, is similar to the same geometry as a cabinet scraper. you have a very small cutting edge and an abrupt stop at the scraper blade, the forward tilt of the scraper blade is about the same angle as the micro bevel on the chipbreaker of a supersurfacer.
So they both function in quite the same fashion

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