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"I have never seen a Japanese plane, so any response needs to consider this fact."


The combo of blade parts is very similar to what you would have if you took two western blades and put their backs together, then offset the ends by whatever set-back you were using. There is a difference in the geometry of the sub-blade, which is as the word says, a second blade, though it does not cut, and a western breaker.

"All I care about are the mechanics of deflecting this shaving. What ever else this thing does, or however else it is held in the plane is unimportant to the mechanics of shaving formation. In this regard whatever the Japanese use to deflect shavings must be functionally identical to a western cap iron in its function to deflect shavings, in situations where it is set to deflect shavings. If this assumption is incorrect it would be greatly helpful to know the correct story."

The geometry of the parts is different. How different depends mostly on what western plane one is comparing to since there seems to be more variation there. As you can see with Garrett here, the shaving formation is a little different. You can get the same tight curls, but the laid out shaving is more the objective.



While I agree that how one gets the breaker in there is not relevant to the ratio itself, I would compare it to the ratios on a standard vs automatic car. At some level one could draw conclusions about ratios from either system, but because the method of achieving the ratios is so different, there is little comparison between the systems and how they are used except at high levels of generality.

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