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I need clarification

Bill Tindall
I have never seen a Japanese plane, so any response needs to consider this fact.

From the focused reading I have done the Japanese employ something to deflect the shaving. (for example, see picture in post above). Traditionally, the function of this thing is to mitigate grain tear. It has been found that in some situations this thing can have a beneficial function beyond mitigating grain tear. All I care about are the mechanics of deflecting this shaving. What ever else this thing does, or however else it is held in the plane is unimportant to the mechanics of shaving formation. In this regard whatever the Japanese use to deflect shavings must be functionally identical to a western cap iron in its function to deflect shavings, in situations where it is set to deflect shavings. If this assumption is incorrect it would be greatly helpful to know the correct story.

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