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Cap iron question-need data

Bill Tindall
We continue to digest the boggling amount of data in the Kato publication on planing, some, or most, of which could be relevant to hand planing. When the data and conclusions from the paper are clearly understood this information will be posted here. The digestion is leading to indigestion so this task is slower than I anticipated.

One of the primary variables studied in Kato's work is the distance of the cap iron from the blade tip. Significant differences were observed for rate of dulling, forces to push the plane, shaving morphology, wear profiles on the bade, self sharpening effect, etc. depending on the position of the cap iron relative to the blade tip.

To help put Kato's results into practical perspective for practical hand planing as it is practiced it would be helpful to know how you all set the cap iron of your planes. Specifically, I would like to know how far from the blade tip is the leading edge of the cap iron along with what is your planing objective- removing wood or producing a finished surface. Estimates to the nearest 1/32" are needed, or thousandths of an inch if you speak in thousandths.

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