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Bruce, a MN Galoot
First, the heat gun didn’t work, quite. It softened the glue but the fumes were too much and they set off the smoke and CO2 detectors

What worked was a combination of things.

A BIG thanks to MikeL for suggesting the multi tool. I have one and using it never occurred to me. The scraper bade was what I used but it dulled quickly Over the course of the job, I learned that about a 30° bevel ground on the grindstone with an occasional touch up, a micro bevel applied with 5-10 strokes of a fine file. When the microbevel used up most of the primary bevel, I ground the blade again back to 30°. I completely wore out two 2” scraper blades.

We wet the paper backing residue and it peeled off pretty quickly.

There is still glue left on the floor, and it will have to stay there. It’s completely smooth, though, so it won’t interfere with any future covering we use.

The mold is gone.

Thanks to everyone!

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