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Barry Irby
Mark and Bill have given you good advice. The danger of a Boom is real. When I was building, the floor finishers decided to speed things up by applying a coat of lacquer and coming back later in the same day and applying a coat of urethane rather than waiting a day or two for a primer coat of urethane to dry. They applied lacquer to an entire house and while standing there admiring their work, one of them lit a cigarette. BOOM. Fortunately all the windows and doors were open and there was no damage, but he was never able to wear those pants again.

There have been cases of mold growing under vinyl wall paper because they used wheat paste and the mold got a purchase. This was in a Warm Air conditioning climate where the humidity condensed under the vinyl. It acted as a vapor barrier but in reverse because the moisture was migrating inward rather than out ward as it would in a heating climate.

There is a point. Mold needs three things...warmth, moisture and a food source. And No, 4 would be a spore, but they are always present, so never get mentioned.

So, Bill is right, if your and get it dry enough, you won't have a problem. And the bleach will kill the mold and the spores. The problem is, it's very unlikely you can dry out a slab on grade enough and the bleach is not persistent. After the chlorine dissipates it game on for the mold again. So do as much as you can, clean up the goo, particularly if it has an organic (food source) component, dry out the slab as permanently as you can, and maybe try a more persistent mildewcide like Boracare. Make sure any replacements are rated to go on a slab below grade.

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