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Its a hydro-static test....
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John in NM
Same as other pressure tanks. They empty the extinguisher, remove the valve hardware and then fill with water and pressurize beyond 125% for some period of time, watching for leaks. Then they reassemble with new dry chem - that's a big part I think, new ABC chemical that won't cake up before you need the thing or before the next test. The impression I've always had is that testing like this is done on an interval that ensures things will still work even if you don't do monthly or annual checks.

Dry chem extinguishers that have sat for 10-20 years without checks should be emptied and tossed, or if they are good ones, taken in for a hydro-static test and refill.

The one time I needed an extinguisher in earnest I had to use an old wool shirt instead :D (car battery fire). It worked, but an extinguisher would have been better!

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