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Re: Does anyone throw away old fire extinguishers?

John K Jordan
I have maybe 10 fire extinguishers around the house (3 in the house alone), barn, shop, and small extinguishers in the vehicles. (I was riding with a guy once when his Volkswagen van caught on fire due to failed insulation in wiring - I put the fire out with his 2 liter mountain dew) My philosophy is you can't have too many fire extinguishers.

Most of my extinguishers are fairly large, 20 and 10 lb ABC dry chemical. I purchase and have them serviced at a local commercial/industrial fire extinguisher place.

I check them regularly for pressure and get them recharged periodically. I throw away the small disposable extinguishers that can't be recharged and buy new ones. (I think those with plastic valves sold at places like Home Depot can't be recharged.)

If yours is rechargeable and you just don't want it, maybe you could get it renewed and donate it to a charity or someone who could use one such as a family or elderly person without resources.


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