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Does anyone throw away old fire extinguishers?

Tim Greif - West of Chicago
I have had a fire extinguisher hanging in my garage shop for years. It was manufactured by American Lafrance back in 1992. It's a conventional size 2.5 pound dry chemical (ammonium phosphate) unit similar to the First Alert and Kidde units sold in stores today. This one is rechargeable, as evidenced by its gauge which reads "recharge" instead of "empty" when discharged. My gauge still reads in the green safe zone. I hate to toss stuff in a landfill needlessly, but since NFPA says all rechargeables should be serviced every six years and disposables should be disposed of every 12-15 years, I wonder if I'm being too frugal. I don't see how this thing can wear out or the dry chemical can expire as long as it maintains pressure.

What say you?

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