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Liquid Hide Glue Working Time

Paul Leuba
I use Titebond Liquid Hide Glue to assemble sack back Windsor chairs. When assembling the back bow to the 7 spindles and 2 arm rests there are 9 mortise and tenon joints to receive a glue application before the assembly. I have had difficulty with this step often when the glue begins to set up before the assembly is fully seated. The component parts are fairly delicate and I am reluctant to drive them to hard with a mallet to complete the seating for concern the bow or spindles would break. It has happened once leaving a difficult recovery situation.

Is there a way to increase the working time of liquid hide glue? Titebond tech support has stated that it can not be done. At the same time there are various web sites with statements that adding urea or salt to the glue will lengthen the working time. Also, spritzing the joints with water spray is supposed to prevent the wood from drawing out the water from the glue, thereby tending the setting time.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Paul in Hunt Valley, MD

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