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Update from the cockpit

Hi folks,

Thanks for your patience. I've been working non-stop, with experts on four continents, to fix the posting problem that began when they updated our server last Thursday. It has proven more complicated than anyone expected. I'm still on the case but we're not there yet, and I can't predict when we'll have it figured out.

If all else fails, I'm considering moving to a more modern forum package, after 20 years of using this one. I've always resisted changing, because of the way this BB threads and displays information, but maybe it's time. I hope not, because any changes will take time and be disruptive in untold other ways, likely requiring weeks of revisions everywhere in the site, not that it couldn't use a facelift.

Stay tuned. We'll get this fixed one way or the other.

Best regards,
Ellis Walentine, Host

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Update from the cockpit
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