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Update on server issues

Good morning, folks. As all of our regulars are well aware, our boards have had posting issues for the past three days. I'd like to update you on what's going on and what I am doing to resolve it. There are a couple things going on simultaneously here, so it's pretty complicated:

First, we had a server upgrade early on Thursday which broke a couple things in our source code, resulting in an inability to post new messages or replies. I have been working with several folks, in Australia, India and Pennsylvania, to diagnose the issue and figure out a solution. So far, no solutions, but I've now got a basic understanding of the issue and I've reached out to another fellow in the UK who may be able to fix it. We'll see if he's willing and available to help.

In the meantime, here's a workaround that seems to work: I am posting from another browser that I rarely use, and which doesn't have any WoodCentral cookies that alert the software to my identity. It's important that I am not posting with the email address that our software recognizes as a registered email. With this bit of deceit, I am able to post, although I don't have the perks of membership -- the text formatting, image uploading, smilies, etc.. Until we fix the underlying problem, that's the only way we can post. Clearly, if I had known this two days ago, I would have already posted this message. If any of you wants to add something constructive to this advice, we'd all like to know about it.

The other thing going on, in response to a recent discussion, is that I have commissioned a developer in India to make changes to our site that will enable a site security clearance, so that you won't see the "Not Secure" designation in your browser address bar, which apparently has prompted worry among some of our members. It has resulted in some visible disruptions, such as disappearing ads (I thank our sponsors for their forbearance) and other anomalies. Things will return to normal as soon as we've ironed out all the wrinkles of this security effort.

So, I apologize for the disruptions, and I appreciate your patience. WoodCentral is long overdue for upgrades and facelifts, and I'll be working on the bigger picture once we've got the forums back to snuff. In the meantime, know that I'm doing everything I can to expedite these corrections and improvements, and we'll rise somehow from the ashes as soon as possible.

Best regards to all,
Ellis Walentine, Host

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