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OT --Reliable circuit breaker/outlet finder

Gary Smyth
Recently had a larger circuit breaker panel installed. The electrician removed the old box which had the circuits identified. Repeated calls to him have not produced the panel list or even return calls.

I have to work alone and the house seems bigger every day. For the double breaker 220 lines I can work it out. But so far plugged in lights and radios are a pain as I have to leave the panel to find the house (and separate garage and shed) outlet to find if the radio is dead or the light out. This gets old fast -- and at least one minor jolt surprise too!

There are several circuit breaker finders on the market but the price range varies greatly. Any recommendations for a reliable circuit breaker finder that won't break the bank? Not looking for least expensive. Price, within reason (under $75), is less important than convenience and reliability.

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