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My CBN Wheel arrived.....

Barry Irby
And I installed it on my ancient Rockwell 6" grinder. Not without some difficulty. I had a 3/4" wheel on it. The new wheel is 1" and the old washers were too thick and there was a roll pin in the shaft. Could not get the pin out so I drilled it away to nothing and used conventional washers for padding. Took some fiddling and searching, but it got done.

I moved the old white wheel to the other end of the machine. I also dressed it.

There were a set of planer knives that needed sharpening because they discovered a nail. The grinder has a jig meant for plane blades and chisels, but it has been adapted for planer knives. I sharpened them in a matter of minutes. Then stroked them on a 600 grit diamond plate and then stropped them on a 1 X 30 sander with a leather belt impregnated with diamond.

I won't say they were sharp, but I looked and had blood all over them. Cut myself and didn't even know it.

Two things surprised me. One, the wheel is steel and heavier than I imagined. The first time I turned on and off, the grinder ran for so long I thought the switch had failed in the ON position. Took it 4 1/2 minutes to stop. I guess those old bearings are still fine.

Two, the wheel is 180 grit and it produced more heat than I expected. This was the first time for the blades on the wheel and were probably getting a little more shaping than next time.

So far, pretty happy.

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