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Chemistry question/Fuming Ammonia/aluminum

Barry Irby
I have fumed the console I built for my son out of white oak.

I had it sitting on my roll around bench and put some shallow pans under it for the ammonia and then sealed it up in polyethylene. This morning I opened the bag after about 24 hours. Looks good. Went to dispose of the remnants of the ammonia and found it had reacted with the aluminum pans. They were sort of chalky gray and when I washed them they are blackened where in contact with the ammonia. (Cleaning ammonia I got from Walmart, does not list the strength.)

So, what is the chemistry? What effect did this have on the fuming? Should I throw the pans away. (I used and cookie sheet and a pizza pan to get large surface area.)

By the way, I still had to fume the base and drawers, so I repeated what I did hoping to get matching results.

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